Fat & the Moon Bite & Burn Spray

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If you’re looking to add an herbal dimension to your basic first aid kit, let me introduce the Bite & Burn Spray! A spritz to mild burns and bug bites will ease pain, relieve swelling and help your skin heal quicker. Bite & Burn Spray minimizes scarring, and it's even got a few antimicrobial ingredients in there, too. 

Side note: for all burns, don’t apply any kind of ointment when you are first burned as it will trap in the ‘heat’ and your burn can get more serious. Give a good Bite & Burn spritz to the area and let dry, after a day you can apply ointment to mend your skin.

Fat & the Moon specializes in witchy concotions made from fresh herbs. Some they even farm themselves!

Product Ingredients: distilled water, f&m's yarrow hydrosol, witch hazel extract*, lavender essential oil*, tea tree essential oil* // organic*

1 fl oz


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