2018 Trans-Pecos Poster Limited Edition

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Every September, a group of intrepid wanderers convene at El Cosmico for a weekend of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, art installations and more in the majesty of Marfa, Texas. We invite you to join us. Find out more here.

2018's poster features Amaterasu: Great Goddess Who Lights Up the Sky, a symbol of sun and warmth, the one who encourages us to grow. She is the radiant rising sun, ruler of the High Celestial Plane. In a time without her, the world froze, life extinguished, and evil ran over the earth. With great power, Amaterasu thawed the lands after the darkest of days and the flowers returned. She reminds us to solider forward - that one day the sun will rise, and the winter will end, leaving us stronger than before. In these times of darkness, let us seek power from her boundless light.

The Japanese calligraphy by Echo Higuchi reads “Let There Be New Flowering” from the Lucille Clifton poem inscribed on one of the few walls El Cosmico.

Designed by Mishka Westell; limited edition 5 color silkscreen on wood paper, signed and numbered 1-30. 

19" x 25"