El Cosmico Provision Co.

2019 Trans Pecos Poster


Every September, a group of intrepid wanderers convene at El Cosmico for a weekend of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, art installations and more in the majesty of Marfa, Texas. We invite you to join us. Find out more here.

This year's poster image features Boyd Elder whose artwork graced 45 million Eagles album covers, and yet this self-proclaimed "artlaw" remained a Shaman of Obscurity even while he was a fixture on the Scene. He was a Character, a Raconteur, larger than life in a West Texas landscape that makes one small. Drawn to ephemeral light (and a good party) like a moth to a flame, Boyd himself -- and his art -- were nevertheless born of the mysterious darkness at the heart of the American Dream in the post-modern American West. When Cowboys became rock stars, Boyd became "El Chingadero" and showed 'em how it was to be done. From stardust to stardust, and like his pet crow, long may he soar. – Evan Voyles, friend of Boyd

Designed by Mishka Westell; color silkscreen, signed and numbered. 

Limited edition version available, printed on holographic paper, signed and numbered 1-30.

19" x 25"

*All posters purchased will be shipping in September and will include the full line-up of bands at the bottom.*
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