Dark Skies Limited Poster {Big Bend Dark Sky Reserve Fundraiser}

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The Serious Starlight Fundraiser helps support the Big Bend International Dark Sky Reserve, which will be greater in size than the other eighteen Dark Sky Reserves in the world combined, helping protect major wildlife habitats and migration corridors in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas and Northern Mexico.

Every donor and every dollar to the Serious Starlight Fundraiser sends a message to the International Dark Sky Association that the dark skies of Far West Texas are an important and valued asset. This fundraiser shows support for the application and gives Big Bend Conservation Alliance the needed funds to reduce light pollution in the Big Bend.

All proceeds will be donated by El Cosmico Provision Co. to the fundraiser.

This signed open edition poster is a digital reproduction of Dark Skies, a painting by Julie Speed. It measures 22" x 16" and is custom printed in Marfa using archival ink on 100% cotton heavyweight Hahnemühle paper.

Julie has been working as an artist in Texas since 1978, and residing in Marfa since 2006. She often uses dark skies as a theme in her work and believes deeply in the vast richness of the night sky.

Why is the Serious Starlight Fundraiser important?

An application for the International Dark Sky Reserve will be submitted to the International Dark Sky Association in October 2021 by the McDonald Observatory. It’s critical for this application to show community support, far and wide, for this designation and your donations demonstrate this support.

Additionally, as part of the application, the International Dark Sky Association will want to see an ongoing effort to protect the night sky once the Big Bend International Dark Sky Reserve is established. Having dedicated funds to provide needed light shielding and education is a critical measure of Big Bend Conservation Alliance’s ongoing commitment to do the support work required.


How will funds be used?

Big Bend Conservation Alliance will use the funds raised for three priority areas, which help us with the ongoing effort to help keep our dark skies free from light pollution.

  1. Shield lights to protect the night sky in Far West Texas. The funds raised will help us assist homeowners and businesses that wish to opt-in to night-sky-friendly lighting. Fixtures creating the most light pollution will be prioritized, along with applications from those that cannot otherwise afford to make needed changes.

  2. Hold stewardship workshops for area electricians and contractors to demonstrate best lighting practices. These workshops will help us in the long run by increasing dark sky stewardship among those working on regional lighting everyday. Participants will be paid their hourly rate for attendance.

  3. Continue public education programs that teach the importance of dark skies for our communities, wildlife habitat, astronomical research, and the economy.


 What is a Dark Sky Reserve?

A “Dark Sky Reserve” is a certification from the International Dark Sky Association for lands which possess an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural, heritage and/or public enjoyment.

The proposed Big Bend International Dark Sky Reserve represents the continuing effort to preserve one of few remaining, naturally dark, and readily accessible, night skies in North America. The designation will protect ongoing astronomical research at McDonald Observatory; promote awareness of the night sky; educate about effective and efficient outdoor lighting practices; and protect wildlife habitats.

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