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High Desert x Boyd's of Texas


Timeless unisex Eau de Parfums hand-crafted in San Antionio, TX by Boyd's of Texas. Each fragrance delivers the warmth and texture of the American South. Available in three scents:

  • Green Vetiver - Fresh citrusy notes of bergamot and lime combine with coriander and herbs. A green neroli and floral heart takes over, before drying into a soft musk of oak-moss, vetiver, and patchouli. 
  • Cuero - A fleeting burst of citrus and soft florals quickly becomes rooted in the dryer, dusty woods of various cedars. It's then joined by the slightest hint of warm jasmine, before it develops and softens into darker woods and smoky leather.
  • High Desert - Notes of spiced coriander and Texas grapefruit give way to a body of dry, dusty cedar and trail side herbs. As the scent mellows, it dried into a warm, smokey fireside of birch tar, cade, labdanum, and vetiver.

Boyd's Eau de Parfum fragrances are 100% natural. They don't use synthetic ingredients or animal products, rather they rely on sourcing the highest quality natural materials from around the world. 

1.7 fl oz

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