El Cosmico Provision Co.

2017 Trans-Pecos Poster


Every September, a group of intrepid wanderers convene at El Cosmico for a weekend of live music, sandlot baseball, workshops, art installations and more in the majesty of Marfa, Texas. We invite you to join us. Find out more here.

This year's poster image features Kali; Dark Mother, divine harbinger of fiery transformation, the one who calls us to radical change. She is the compassionate destroyer. She severs the head of the ego, liberates from the tyranny of ignorance and inertia and reminds us of the power of creation through dissolution, birth through death. She is clad in the infinite blue of all time and space, she is the womb of all existence. The vastness of her void offers limitless possibility. Far from evil, she is the tender-hearted beheader, the nourisher of all beings - the one who reminds us that our power may lie in our ability to reclaim the unsettled chaos as our path to rebirth.

These are dark times. When we cannot seek solace and comfort in the ease of the light, let us claim our strength from the infinite power of Kali Ma. 

Designed by Mishka Westell; limited edition 4 color silkscreen print on shimmering metallic gold paper. Signed and numbered 1-300.

20 x 26"

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